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Inspired by ingredients in my pantry

Anytime veg/tofu noodles

It has been a long time since I posted anything and what a better time to get back than this mother’s day weekend. Lately I have been starting my day early and reaching home just before dinner time. On days like that, I usually fall back to some of my most reliable recipes that are quick yet satisfying. I usually have everything I need to make these simply stir fried veg noodles. And the big time saver is that i am not following a recipe from a cookbook so I can be…

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Spring cleaning: discovering new recipes

It has been good to put the focus on trying to use up the ingredients in my pantry and freezer. Since we are moving soon, it helps to have less groceries to carry even if it means just 2-3 less boxes to carry. The real joy has been to find and try new recipes using ingredients bought on impulse or for a specific recipe. Here are some of my favorite discoveries: Vegan pumpkin- chocolate bars Last fall, I bought one too many pumpkins when we visited Yakima valley…

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Paneer Makhani: pantry wala

Quick recipe to turn paneer into something ‘kid-delicious’ (this is when my kids find something delicious) using ingredients usually available in my pantry.Paneer Makhani (पनीर मखानी) literal translation means paneer with butter. There is no real butter in this recipe but i am still going with the name.             The recipe is inspired by paneer makhani recipe here in the winning collection of Reader’s potluck recipes published here.  Usually I make modifications based on what is available in my kitchen. Here I…

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