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Veg tikki burgers inspired by ‘tikki chaat’

Tikkis (टिक्की ), the griddle fried spicy potato patties, served with spicy chickpeas and topped with a combination of yet spicier cilantro and tamarind chutneys,  are a popular street snack in North India.  You can read here for more details. Tikki wallahs (hawkers) carrying a variety of  savory/spicy snacks commonly referred to as ‘chaat’ can be easily spotted at every block on any shopping street in my hometown. Premade tikkis are stacked around the edges of the of a big round ‘tava’ (griddle) and fried to order (watch this small video to get…

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Why I also make sweet tamarind chutney called ‘Sonth’ when making Sambhar

Today I was going to make Sambhar. That would mean I need to soak some tamarind first. I have decided to soak extra so I can make sweet tamarind chutney (called ‘Sonth’) at the same time. Growing up this chutney was pretty much like ketchup is now for my kids. My mother would make a big batch so we always had it on hand. We enjoyed Sonth with all sorts of snacks, chola, samosas. I try to make this chutney whenever i am dealing…

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Cooking with ingredients you hav: Karonda Mirch is Cranberry Jalapeno here in US

 My mother belonged to the generation of cooks that cooked with ingredients they had. If a recipe called for something that was not on hand or not available or was too expensive, she could easily find a good substitute. Since moving out of India, I am trying to apply same principle to my cooking. There is definitely a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and spices available here, but every now and then I am reminded of a fruit or vegetable that is just not available…

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Aam ki meethi chutney

Mummy made this sweet chutney using amiya, hindi name for unripe, green mangoes. Amiya’s tart flavour makes it a good choice for pickles and chutneys. Every year, when amiya was available in the market, the sweet chutney is amongst one of the many pickles/chutneys mummy prepared. After making a big batch of chutney, she stored it in several clean glass bottles. One of those bottles used to find a permanent place on the dining table because we consumed the chutney in variety of ways almost…

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