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Quick, easy yet delicious recipes. Can be adjusted based on ingredients on hand.

Day 8 Instant Pot: Rice and Beans

We ate beans ((called Rajma) with rice quite regularly growing up in my parents house but beans and rice were always cooked separately. Cooking the rice and beans together as a single dish was something i got introduced to after moving to the USA. I first started to make it at home using a recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman where rice and beans are cooked in the oven. Over the years, I have simplified this recipe for a quick under 30 minutes one pot…

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Gobhi Paratha (गोभी पराठा)

Stuffed Paratha (or Indian griddle bread – read here for more details) is something I keep in my arsenal (like my mother did and so many other mothers all over India do) for all sorts of occasions. It can be had for breakfast, or as a snack, be part of a meal or be the meal itself on a busy night. Last week, on one of those busy evenings, as I was driving home I knew i wanted to eat at home but had no idea what…

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Anytime veg/tofu noodles

It has been a long time since I posted anything and what a better time to get back than this mother’s day weekend. Lately I have been starting my day early and reaching home just before dinner time. On days like that, I usually fall back to some of my most reliable recipes that are quick yet satisfying. I usually have everything I need to make these simply stir fried veg noodles. And the big time saver is that i am not following a recipe from a cookbook so I can be…

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Paneer Makhani: pantry wala

Quick recipe to turn paneer into something ‘kid-delicious’ (this is when my kids find something delicious) using ingredients usually available in my pantry.Paneer Makhani (पनीर मखानी) literal translation means paneer with butter. There is no real butter in this recipe but i am still going with the name.             The recipe is inspired by paneer makhani recipe here in the winning collection of Reader’s potluck recipes published here.  Usually I make modifications based on what is available in my kitchen. Here I…

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The reaction from people of all ages who taste the appams for the first time is always the same – they find it delicious and they always assume that making it must be really complicated. I cant describe how surprised and pleased I was when Mummy introduced Appams to me several years ago in 2001 or 2002. I had eaten something similar in Bangalore but had no idea of how to make it. I was even more pleased to find out that Mummy had got…

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